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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

People Are Idiots!!

From the local paper here in Sisters, Oregon

On the first of July a statewide (Oregon) mandate went into effect regarding the wearing of masks in places of business.  Good grief!  These store owners are just trying to abide by the rules and remain in business to serve you.

This from the grocery store I go to.

From another business owner 

Sisters went months with no reported cases.  They now stand at nineteen.
This is one of the reasons we are not moving on elsewhere.  It seems like a pretty safe place to be except for the idiots.  Be careful.  They walk among us.


  1. Yet more proof that your average cat is smarter than your average human.

  2. Same thing going on here. Masks are compulsory now in all public buildings. And lots of people saying their freedom has been taken away.... so stupid. I'm not at all surprised at those newspaper cuttings. You cant fix stupidity.


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