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Monday, July 13, 2020

Shopping on a Saturday

I thought I would go to Dollar General Saturday morning.  It wasn't as if I really needed something I was out of but more about I'll have to go eventually.  As I reached the outskirts of town this old fart in his big truck barely slowed for his stop sign making a left turn into my lane.  Having ridden motorcycles on the road for years I have developed a keen sense for the idiots around me always watching out for them.  I saw it coming and swerved to the right whereupon he finally saw me and he swerved to the left into the oncoming lane.  I am positive he messed his pants.  I continued on giving him a glare and a shake of the head.  He was frantically trying to apologize with hand gestures.  Two blocks further I turned left and drove through the frou-frou part of town with some nimrod riding my ass in his Beemer.  I wanted to pull over and suggest to him to try harder for I was positive he could get closer.  Finally I made it to my turn into the parking lot for multiple stores.  I was following another moron in his big-ass truck.  He pulled way over to the left seemingly to go up one of the aisles and I continued on straight only to see he was just swinging wide (no signal) to get his big-ass truck into a very small slot in front of a store.  God forbid him parking out in the boonies and having to walk a hundred feet to the store.  He stopped before taking me out just staring at me out the passenger window in a complete “Where the #$@! did you come from?” look on his face.  By the look on his wife’s face in the passenger seat she had just given him a severe outburst for she knew I was there.  Oh the wrath of a wife.  I safely made it to Dollar General, parked, pulled up my bandanna and walked into the store.  I picked up a basket and started my shopping when things really went bad all of a sudden.  I discovered I had left my shopping list back in the RV!!  Shopping from memory isn't one of my strong points.  I did the best I could, paid for my items, loaded up my back pack and made it safely out of town and back home without getting squashed.  Back home I checked my list.  I did good.  I had planned on going to the grocery store the next day, Sunday, but you know how those Sunday drivers are.  Instead I stayed home and changed the oil in Gracie.

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