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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Traveling in Trying Times

When we left the desert back at the end of April my plan was to travel slowly north to Washington for the summer.  I felt I should give Washington another chance after grumbling about being there a few years ago.  This time I would pay the $30 and buy their Discover Pass which would allow access to all state recreational sites.  I’d deal with the mosquitoes as best as I could and not whine about them on the blog...too much.

A month later we reached the city of Bend in central Oregon.  By then I had had a crash course education as to what I was in for with the pandemic restrictions.  If life conditions weren’t bad enough already it was at this time sheer madness and mayhem were added into the mix.  We can easily avoid major cities so civil unrest wasn’t really an issue with my travel plans.  That would eventually fizzle out anyway but COVID-19 was here for the long run.  Finding few to none camping prospects by continuing north we veered off northwest and found ourselves outside of Sisters, Oregon.  It is now a month later and we’re still here. 
 This wasn’t part of the Grand Plan.

Needless to say, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.  I travel to see things new and different and occasionally interact with people I meet along the way.  I’m sure most who follow the blog are here to see what we see and share in our misadventures.  I miss that just as much as you do but I simply don’t see the point in continuing on.  Things are not as they once were.  People are more reserve, understandably standoffish and to try and carry on a conversation standing six feet apart wearing masks is just absurd.  There is no connection.  You don’t shake hands when meeting, you don’t give a hug goodbye.  Finding places to stay is problematic. Visiting tourist sites or places of business is a 50/50 proposition of them being accessible or not.  

 I am not complaining.  I know I have it much better than the vast majority out there.  Our lives now are all about social distancing and self isolation.  Beans and I would be hard pressed to find a better place than what we have right now.  We are isolated.  Days go by without seeing anyone.  I am motor bike close to grocery stores, have access to water and trash disposal.  We are under no restriction as to how long we are allowed to be here.  The weather is ideal.  I have good cell service.  There are no bugs.  So why move elsewhere into uncertainty to only continue on doing essentially what we are doing right here, socially distancing ourselves? 

We hope you stick with us as we work our way through this mess of 2020.  
As Red Green (Canadian comic) would say "Remember, I'm pulling for ya. We're all in this together."


Beanie Mouse said...

But it's still interesting to see what you get up to where you are..... !!

anonymous said...

All we readers aren't going anywhere new often either,and your daily reports are a treat, thanks for offering them.- Mary

Sandi said...

Even Ole St. Nick has had enough! 😂

John W. Wall said...

Love the burning train. That about sums it up. We were able to get a two-night reservation at a redwoods campground that just opened up (only two nights were available, and only one site was left). That came to $77.99 -- $35/night plus $7.99 "reservation fee". Gotta love California State Parks. That's for a tent site, mind you.

RedPat said...

I still read your blog every day and follow your adventures around camp. Stay safe where you are!

shadowcat410 said...

I still haven't seen friends that are an hour and a half south of me. It's been over a year.
I feel isolated on this huge property even with family nearby, so I can imagine how you must feel. I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going in Sept. Guess I'll wait and see what other nonsense will occur by then and go from there. Sigh...

Shammickite said...

You and Beans are travellers and it's pretty hard to stay in one place when you had plans to do otherwise, but given the state of the world at the moment, staying where you are seems like the best action. I'm always interested in what you do, whether you are in one place or not.
Love those "Covid 19 facts", had to laugh loudly at that one!