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Monday, August 17, 2020

1963 Volvo

At the grocery store in town this lady pulled in just as I did.  I had to talk with her.  I shared with her how back when I was in high school I like this style of Volvo and always wanted one.

She told me they bought it new in 1963.
Wow!  Original owner.

It was stolen one time.  It was found three weeks later in San Diego.  The kids did time.

Then it was rear ended in an accident.  The entire left rear was caved in.  Smashed.  The insurance company said it was too old and wouldn't fix it.  The owners fixed it on their own dime.  
I hope they have a better insurance company now.

Very nice, well cared for and truly loved.


  1. Totally gorgeous! I love Volvos. I had one for 21 years. His name was Erik the Red Volvo. My son had an old Volvo called The Silver Potato. That oldie is a beauty!

  2. That's awesome. I had a 1966 122S that I bought for $200 in 1985, and sold for $50, still running but needing work, in 1989.

  3. Back when a dashboard was a dashboard! Love it!


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