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Monday, August 24, 2020

A Good Day

Well they all are good days but this one started out even gooder in that there was no rat in the trap from the evening before.  I’m up to nine rats now.  I am getting tired of relocating them.
To celebrate my good fortune I took a bicycle ride out to my country located Little Free Library.
Found a book there that might be interesting.
Always a good day getting a new free book.

I then stopped off to check out the progress on a fence being built at one of the local ranches.
They’ve been at it for several weeks now and appear to be finished.
I am impressed as to how straight they were able to make the fence.

Accidental shadow shot.

Way off in the distance is the fence making people and their truck.  They were putting the finishing touches on a gate down there.  Then the fence turns right and goes up along the road just as far as in the other photo.  That is a lot of fencing.  I wondered what a fence like this cost.

Back home I made a nice cold pasta salad.

Yes, I know gooder isn't a word.  I just like using it. 

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