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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Big Storm

We were caught by surprise at the intensity of a storm that passed through.

It rained hard giving the Little House on the Highway a much needed bath.

The front of Gracie got unintentionally washed when the wind blew the tarp away.

Such a nice sweet smell after a good rain.

Look at all those lightening strikes in town!  
We are off to the lower rightt and had no strikes near us.

When the rain got going real hard I decided it best to roll in the slide-out as sometimes the wind will force water in along the side.  I pushed the button to retract it...nothing.  
Well that's just great.  Something I will have to try and fix tomorrow.

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John W. Wall said...

Lightning strikes have blown up a bunch of fires here in the Bay Area, including Pt. Reyes. San Francisco is so smoky I can't really go outside for more than a couple minutes. A 15-minute walk this morning produced a t-shirt that smelled like I'd been at a campfire all night.