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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Dead Battery

The next morning I got to work on trying to figure out why the slide-out switch wasn't working.  Remember, electrics isn't my strong point.  
First thing was to see if any juice was getting to the switch.

I finally was able to get the switch pulled out and put my test light on it.  It was a very faint glow.  Well that's odd; there's power but very weak.  I thought the slide-out operated from the coach batteries.  I knew they were fine.  I checked the battery in the engine compartment for the truck.  DEAD.  Well there's your problem.  I called the only auto parts store in town Baxter Auto Parts and told them what I needed.  We can have one in at 11 AM  from Bend.  It was just past nine when I called.  That's good.  My plan was to ride Gracie into town to get the battery but the battery is almost two inches longer than the carrier on the motorbike.  That's not going to work.  I would have to drive the RV into town which meant breaking camp and all.  Oh well, what else to I have to do until 11?  In case you are wondering, I can start the RV using the coach batteries by flipping a switch up on the dash, a very nice feature with the Sprinter.  I did this and let the engine run for a half an hour which charged up the battery while I ate breakfast and secured things.

I arrived at the parts store a quarter past 11.  The new battery was waiting for me.  The kid offered me a dolly to carry it out with but I said "I think I can manage.  But I may need you to help me heft the old battery out.  You are younger and stronger than I am."  I got the new battery out to where I parked alongside the store okay.  I wouldn't of wanted to carry it much further than that though.

Now to see if I can get this beast out of here.  I surprised myself.  The old man still has it in him.
I got it out and put the new one in place (not secured) then took the old battery back in the store for my core deposit refund of all $18.  In case you're wondering, the battery cost $195.99.  Yeah I was stunned.  I'm still living in the 70's when it comes to buying things.

I drove back to camp and planned to clean up and repaint the battery tray the next day.  It needed it and is something I have always done with my vehicles when replacing batteries.  In the end I was thankful for that big rain storm as it revealed to me I had a dead battery.  I wouldn't have wanted to deal with that on the day we were planning to leave Sisters. 

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Shammickite said...

It doesn't matter what your living arrangements are, there's always some maintenance to be done, and it usually costs money! I had to have a new battery in my car a couple of months ago. Well, the original battery had lasted 10 years so I shouldn't be complaining! Good to know you are all charged up and ready for action.