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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Defund the Media

I have been without data on my phone plan for most of the week.  Somehow I used up my monthly allotment of 20 GB.  Usually each month I have a wee bit left over.  I have my suspicions as to what happened.  Anyway, everything was operating at dial-up speed taking forever to load.
I don't read the news but I do scan through my news feed each evening looking for something worthy of reading.  In doing so it not possible to avoid the headlines.  Seeing them tells you more than you really want to know.  At any rate since the cell service was operating at glacier speed I didn't even bother scanning the news.  It was pretty nice not knowing anything.  I felt good all week.

I'll get a new allowance of data tomorrow.  I'm seriously considering no more scanning the news.  If there is a way to view noteworthy news items that is not political, not COVID-19 related, not about protesting mayhem, violence and death, and not about Brad & Jenn, Johnny Depp, Ellen DeGeneres, the Kardashians, the Royal Family (my concerns with anything having to do with the Royal Family ended in 1776)...okay, I'll stop.
I do have one app called Good News Network.  It is nice.
Let me know if you have anything else.   Thank you.

And on a related subject, after the rain I did another sweep of the area collecting trash, 
the small bits that I passed over when we first arrived.
Filled an entire plastic bag I did.


Sandi said...

I agree...

Here's an idea. We should get our news from the birds. If they are singing in the morning all is well. If not, run for the hills.

Shammickite said...

Wow, you were around in 1776? Awesome......