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Monday, August 10, 2020

How the Rich Folk Camp

As I said I would, I rode my bicycle over to the high rent district a mile or so away from where we are camped in the National Forest...for free.

This is the Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort, a five star rated Good Sam Park.
The rates are: $55 a night, $327 a week and $675 plus electric for a month from Oct.  
Okay ready?  From May the monthly rate increases to $1155 plus electric.
There are lots of rules and regulations, too many to list here.
One thing I did notice, not a single person I saw wore a face mask. 
Perhaps it just hasn’t made the list yet.

They have cabins available.  
Single room - $65 a night, $386 a week.  Two room - $71 a night, $422 a week.

 Yes, it is very nice...

 ...if you don't mind having neighbors. 
Okay, I will get this out of the way here.  I would not be happy staying here thinking of the money I would be spending just to park the Little House on the Highway.  Truth be known, even if I could stay here for free I would not be happy here.

(click on these panorama shots for a better view)

Upon check in they will escort you to your site where you will have water, electric, basic cable TV and garbage pick up. Really? You just set your Hefty trash bag out behind your rig and they pick it up?

It is nicely landscaped and well taken care of.
"Keep your dog off the grass".
There was a designated dog area.
Wonder if I would get in trouble walking Beans through here?

Miniature golf.

Heated pool and hot tub plus a laundry room, convenience store and "luxury bathhouses".
I guess they mean restrooms and showers.

Oh but the best part for me was...
(next post)


Shammickite said...

oooo can't wait for the next post!
Yes, that is definitely luxury "camping". But if someone can afford to spend megabucks on one of those huge fancy mobile homes, they can probably afford those exorbitant camping fees. Personally I don't know how anyone can survive without basic cable TV (said with tongue in cheek).

Janie said...

Is it $55 even if one doesn't want hook ups?