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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Little Free Library

I mentioned in a earlier post about finding the little library box along the road in the country.
Well I found this one in town right across from the park where I get my water.  The only reason I noticed it was that I saw a couple had parked their car and walked up to it.

I saw this small placard inside.  Back home I checked out the site.  Well Ill be!  There is a map where all these little free libraries are located all across the country.  There are even two more here in the town of Sisters.  A lot of the time I have books I would like to give away and hang on to them until I find one of these Little Free Library boxes in a town we pass through.  Now knowing of this site will make passing on my books so much easier.  And yes, I did find a book here for myself.


RedPat said...

It looks like there is a good variety of books there!

Beanie Mouse said...

You may find - if/when you start using LFL "regularly" - that some books have "bookcrossing" stickers/labels inside. Sometimes a bookcrossing book will make its' way into a LFL! (google bookcrossing!)