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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Stocking Up For the Apocalypse

We will be leaving Sisters in a couple of weeks.  I am trying to get most of what I need for awhile thus preventing having to go to a Walmart along the way.  I walked out of Rays Grocery with three small plastic bags totaling $76.  Either items cost more here or it is like this everywhere in the county now.  I’m clueless.

This was my third attempt of trying to buy some Dr. Pepper in mini cans.  I was down to only two cans left back in the RV.  I was getting nervous.  In Dollar General seeing the shelf was empty again (there was Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and others but no Dr. Pepper except for big cans and plastic bottles)  I had to ask.  He said it could be due to the aluminum shortage.  Well I had seen that news item but didn’t read it thinking beer.  He didn't know when or if the mini cans were going to show.  Okay, now I am no longer nervous.  Panic began to set in.  I knew how people must have felt during the toilet paper shortage.  My last resort was the Bi Mart store.  They had them!  Only four six packs left.  I bought them all.  Okay, now I am officially one of them shopping hoarders.

I am feeling pretty good with food and supplies on hand now.  I will need to get Beans some more kibble but am unable to get the brand I want here.  That will have to be done in Bend when we leave.

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Sandi said...

We have had the same problem finding Dr. Pepper here, even the bottles and regular cans. I thought it was a manufacturing issue, but I haven't heard. There is also a coin shortage. Do you have coins there? I think it is because people aren't using cash because they are afraid to touch it, so there is not as much in circulation. It is weird.