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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Fire Camp

There are a couple of fires in the area and the fire fighters 
are using the rodeo grounds at Sisters for a camp location.

A lot of tents set up for the fire personnel.
Under the peak tents was the eating area and kitchens.

Some get these accommodations. 
I wonder who.

Food trucks, four of them refrigerator trucks.  Just the logistics alone to set up a camp is mind boggling.  Ya don't think about the behind the scenes work involved until you see all of this.

There was more down on the other end of the field.
A lot of porta-potties and hand washing stations.
Which made me think of all these people together during a pandemic.
How is it managed?

One tired fire fighter


Beanie Mouse said...

Those large trucks with your caption "I wonder who gets this accommodation" - I wonder if they'd be medical recovery areas? Can't think they'd be treating bad burns in a regular tent....... just a thought!

Shammickite said...

WOW those are brave men and women to go out fighting fires, they deserve special treatment.