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Friday, September 11, 2020

I Rewarded Myself

It was approaching 4 P.M. when we left the tire shop, well past tea time, and I saw this on the way out of town.  Thinking of the Dairy Queen failure I’d give this a shot.
After buying six new tires I needed something special.

This is the way to go.  Use the small independently owned food places. 
 No complications, no apps, no problems.
I was able to go to the walk-up window and order just like old times.

I have had better hamburgers but remember this is the first eating out I have done in almost a year so I found myself oooing and awing while eating this burger.  As for the chocolate shake, pure nirvana.

But what about Beans you ask.  What did I get for her?  Well the little turd found her kibble bowl while I was in the grocery store and nearly wiped it clean empty.  This bowl full was the last of it and had to last until we got to Bend where I could buy a couple new bags.
No burger for you!

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Shammickite said...

Cheeseburger or hamburger? Looks good.