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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Learning How to Eat Out During COVID

I haven’t eaten out anywhere since all of this COVID business started late last year.  Not even a fast food place.  Now that I am preparing to get back on the road I am tired of missing out on road food or restaurant food.  But I don't know how to do this mobile ordering thing or using an app and dealing with “curbside” delivery so I spent a good part of a day reading up on all of this, watching videos and uploading apps.  
When you are done laughing you can continue on with my first experience.

I made one last trip into town a few days back to dump off trash, check the Free Library book stand and go to ACE Hardware.  I thought I would stop at Dairy Queen on the way back.  I really wanted a hamburger and a chocolate milk shake for after all it was 99 degrees and it had been like nearly a year since I last enjoyed either.  Anyways it didn't go well.  
I am standing in the drive-up line reading the big electronic sign and see this.
Coin shortage?  What’s that?

Well this threw a wrench into my plan.  I always pay cash for my food.  
A car pulled up nearby and parked.  Inside a young lady was getting ready to go in and start her day at Dairy Queen.  When she stepped out I asked her if I was going to pay cash could I just tell them to keep the change?  She said yes then added “But we're not open yet.”  Oh.  I changed my plan.  “Okay, well I will come back another day” thinking my errand day when we leave camp.  “I will be in my RV so can I just park here and order?”  She replies “We don't have a walk-up window.  It would be best you were on that” pointing to the Honda.  Oh again.
I thanked her for her help and rode away disappointed in failure 
at my first attempt at eating out in COVID times.
I am not giving up though.


Beanie Mouse said...

We're not laughing - we're equally as inept as telephone apps and curbside pickups. Not. A. Clue.

Shammickite said...

Life as we used to know it is becoming quite complicated. I have ordered a couple of meals by phone and then gone to pick it up. But have not used a walk in or drive in window. And have not gone inside a cafe or coffee shop since February. Just once to a restaurant patio with my son and his family when we sat in the huge garden and ate our meal well away from anyone else. Strange times.