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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Miller's Rest

Fifteen miles north of Tonopah, Nevada

After leaving Walker Lake we passed through Hawthorne, Nevada where I stopped at the one and only liquor store.  What was so special about this store?  They accepted no debit or credit cards.  All purchases were with cash only.  I loved it!  It was like stepping back in time when life was so much simpler.  I thanked the nice lady for the highlight of my day.

After two hours of driving through a desolate wasteland with "No Services for 100 Miles" Miller's Rest area was an oasis for the traveler.  No semi-trucks allowed.  Nice.  We parked far away where there was a dribbling water faucet, the only water source for the birds.  Here I am topping off our water supply and this little fellow came right up to me.

Naturally, Beans loves this place.

These folks from Montana pulled in behind.  The wife drives the truck towing their yacht while he drives the huge coach pulling a cargo trailer containing who knows what.
It just boggles my mind the stuff people haul around traveling. 

Meanwhile this lady picked up wind blown trash around their area before leaving the next morning.  She was at it for nearly an hour.  My back would be killing me.  If this was a habit of hers, and God bless her if so, she should invest in some grabber tongs like I have.
She filled two large bags plus dragging some large pieces over by the litter barrels.

So don't ever underestimate the healing powers of the desert.
Someone drove off no longer needing their crutch.

Good to know.

There is a 18-hour limit as to how long you can stay here.  This fellow I know has been here longer than that.  Imagine a grizzled old prospector and that is what he looked like.  I refrained from taking his picture out of respect.  I am sure he had an interesting story but you could see he didn't want to be pestered.  I don't blame him none.  Anyway, a check of the weather shows that everywhere south of us is in the mid-90's and higher.  Nope. 
 I think we will stay here for a while and test the 18-hour stay policy. 

And for my dear friend Theresa, this scrawny chicken is for you.
He was right outside the door, maybe looking for Beans.
"Beep, beep"


Shammickite said...

Is that a road runner? I've never seen one.
Your grizzled prospector friend with the bike is certainly not travelling light, but a lot lighter than the folks from Montana.

John W. Wall said...

Interesting contrast between the folks with the RV, trailer, pickup truck, and boat, and the guy hauling everything on a bicycle.

RedPat said...

Love the road runner! Those people with all of the vehicles are carrying everything they own from the looks of it!

TexWisGirl said...

Yes! Awesome!