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Monday, September 14, 2020

The Black Rock Desert

We were now in Nevada and I could see the smoke blowing in from California from what I believed fires around the Lake Tahoe area.

The Playa.  
A huge dry lake approximately 26 miles long and 10 miles wide.  
I have been coming here ever since the early 90's.  The last time I was here several years back I felt I was done with coming here.  It is a long drive, I've seen it all and now cannot visit many places I once did since I no longer have a four wheel drive vehicle.  But while at Sisters knowing I had to head south and didn't want to go through California I thought 
"Why not go by the Black Rock as Beans has never been there."
Uh Dad...where are the trees, the rocks, the lizards?

She can be free to roam here without her harness and leash.  
In no time she was having a ball running back and forth inside and out of the RV.

Here is Sinbad on the Playa.
He came here many times but I think this trip will be Beans only time to visit the Black Rock.

Notice the wind blowing his fur.
On this day in 1998 is when Sinbad came into my life.
I still miss him.


RedPat said...

Love that last pic of Sinbad!

Shammickite said...

Sinbad was a handsome chap!
That dry mud is amazing, with all the cracks. No lizards? No wildlife?

Sandi said...

They are like little lions. 😊