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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Trego Hot Springs

I wanted to visit Trego Hot Springs while here just to see how it had changed over the years.  The day after we arrived the smoke blew in from California.  I could barely see the mountains only a few miles distant.  The hot springs were ten miles away across the dry lake.  If I cannot see those mountains how on earth on the way back am I going to see the little fly speck of an RV sitting in the middle of nothing?  This was quite unnerving.  I took with me my GPS device, marked our spot on the iPhone map and stuck a compass in my pocket.  I am going out 80 degrees NE, I need to return 260 degrees SW.   Now as long as Gracie doesn't break down.

Well I made it to the springs only to find a clown in the water.  The other nearby pond had several people in it so I didn't take a picture of that but it looks the same.

The spring is now posted.  
Good grief! I have been going into those waters since the early nineties. 
I never put my head under water though as it could be a biological soup.

Unfortunately the water is being diverted for some reason at the source. 
This area all used to be dry.

The water used to flow down this canal and now it is in bad shape.

This access is midway between the two above photos.  Here the temperature was just right.  
Back in the day where the clown was would be too hot to get in.
There once was wood steps into the water now it looked like someone put a metal pipe ladder in.

Well I came and I saw.   I'm glad I did.  I doubt I will ever return.
Now to find home.

By all means!  
You venture out onto the dry lake when it is wet and guaranteed you will get stuck.

This is all new.

Here you can see an X down in the lower left on the yellow part.  That is camp.  The X in the middle along the train track is the hot springs ten miles away.
It's a big place full of history with the pioneers and their wagons crossing the desolation.

After eight miles I was able to see a speck on the horizon.
My navigation was spot on.

Zoomed in from that same spot.

I made it home.
And I set a new land speed record on Gracie - 40 mph!!

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Shammickite said...

WOW what a scary forbidding place. I would not be feeling comfortable there.