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Monday, September 7, 2020

We’ve Been Here Too Long

This has been a very good site for us during these past three months.  Very rarely did any people drive by.  No one ever camped within sight or noise making distance to us.  Weather was good.  No bugs either.  Most interesting was the standard 14-day stay rule for National Forests did not seem to apply here or at least the Rangers do not enforce it.  Probably the only not-so-good part of this site was I could hear the highway noise but I got used to it after awhile.  

We will be moving on the day after Labor Day (9/8)
I am ready to get back on the road but it will be sad to leave this spot.  I kind of get attached to places we stay at if they are nice and we are there for any length of time.

But when the spiders start setting up housekeeping on the front dash,
that is a sign that we’ve been here too long.

In case you were wondering the final catch and release tally stood at 29 mice, 23 chipmunks and 13 rats.

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