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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Burger King vs Jack in the Box


Parker, Arizona

We stopped in Parker on our way to Quartzsite to pick up a few last items at Walmart.  When done I told Tracy I had to eat before we continued on down the road.  She needed to eat too.  It was hot and I really wanted a milkshake.  I told her I was going to stop at the Burger King a half mile down the road.  Tracy doesn’t eat crap food and would fix her on lunch.   “I’ll meet you there” she said.  

At Burger King the side doors were chained shut.  I could see someone waving me around front.  At the front a kid stuck his head bout the door and told me to go around to the drive-up window.  Good grief.  At the window (no cars in the drive thru) I told him I wanted a Whopper and a chocolate milkshake.  “We don’t have any milkshakes” he says.  “Man, I really wanted a milkshake.  That’s why I came here” I asked why they didn’t have any.  Evidently the trucks hadn’t delivered any product.  “I’ve had ten people leave today because of no milkshakes.” he said.  “Tell you what, I’ll give you two Whoppers for $5.” I can’t eat two of them!  Oh well, I could eat one later for dinner.  “Okay, go ahead.”  He rings it up.  "I only charged you $3.60.”  He had given me the old person’s discount.  Okay that made me feel better.

I ate my Whopper in Tracy’s RV.  She needed to fill up with gas so I said I would go on down to McDonalds and get my milkshake while she filled up.  I don’t care for McDonalds but I really wanted that milkshake to get me to Quartszite.  On the way I passed a Jack in the Box.  “This will do” and I swung in. The door to the dining area inside was open, unchained.  I walked in wearing my bandana.  Only the lady who walked in before me was inside.  Nether she nor the workers wore masks.  I ripped off my bandana and ordered my milkshake.  Two big burly guys walked in just then.  They looked at me and the woman, then the workers.  They ripped off their masks.  “This is a bunch of $#!+”                                                The worker handed me my milkshake and it was good.


Shammickite said...

Just a reminder.... more than 225,000 deaths from Covid in your country. And almost 8.5 million cases. Don't get sick!

John W. Wall said...

It's gotta be harder to go along with a mask in less-populated areas like that. I can see the frustration. Ironically the medical folks say if everyone had worn masks from the beginning, we could have been done with this virus in a couple of months. Easy for them to say that now, but still. I wouldn't go in a crowded grocery store full of non-maskers.