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Thursday, October 8, 2020

International Car Forest

Goldfield, Nevada

We left Tonopah and headed back south through Goldfield to see this.  It stood at the south edge of town.  I had to pass by a traffic accident on the highway to get there.  I'll spare you the details of what I wished I had not seen.  With that image in my mind I was in a somber mood when we arrived.

That mood soon turned foul upon seeing all the graffiti on the cars.  At one time they were not all marked up.  Although the owner encouraged true artists to create inspiring images, taggers were not welcomed.  I'll refrain from expressing my opinion as to what should be done to taggers.

I did like the school buses.

There was a high number of paint vandalism from 2020 apparent.

The International Car Forest along with the famed Cadillac Ranch of Texas isn't really worth going to see.  The true impressive car art structure is Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska, a to scale recreation of Stonehenge in England done with automobiles.

The oldest car body there.

And then there was this, a Honda 90 street version of Gracie.

I waited there on top of the hill for the emergency crews to leave the scene down below before moving on to our over night spot.  I didn't want to drive by that incident again.  The guy could have died from old age before the ambulance finally drove away so maybe it wasn't that critical or on the other hand maybe he was beyond the point of any urgency.


Shammickite said...

I wonder what possessed the person who built this? Did he have a couple of junky cars and didn't know what to do with them, so buried them pointing to the sky, and then other people followed suit? Definitely whacky, but I have to respect whacky people, they do what they feel they must do! Amazing place. "Exhibit A" made me larf.

Toc said...

I think 'tagger' sounds too benign. I call them vandals.