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Monday, October 5, 2020


Tonopah, Nevada

Another issue while staying at Gemfield was the weather south of us all the way into Arizona looked to be in the mid-nineties all the way into the hundreds for the next week or even two weeks.  Normally we would be in Quartzsite, Arizona by now.  Propane was getting low.  I had maybe a week to ten days left.  The nearest propane station I could find online was a Shell station in Pahrump, Nevada 130 miles to the south, and it was hot there.  What to do?  Out of desperation I called a propane dealer in Tonopah I had seen as we drove through.  I thought they were just a supplier to homes out in the desert.  The nice lady informed me that they could fill an RV tank.  We were saved!  I drove the twenty-five miles back up north to Tonopah and filled the tank.  Now we could stay put for as long as needed until the temperatures simmered down some.

I planned on driving back to the Goldfeld area but decided to check out this side road off the highway on the south edge of town.  I could see people camping off in the distance.

After a mile the road became narrow and stretched off in the distance across the desert.
I could see no one out there nor anyplace to turn around.
I backed up a quarter of a mile and stopped here for lunch.
I am real good at backing up.  I have lots of practice.
Those behind us are from Alaska.

This spot was level, quiet and had cell towers on the mountain top nearby.
Beans and I decided to call this home.

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Shammickite said...

It looks very lonely out there. No shade. Any lizards to keep Beans entertained?