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Friday, October 16, 2020

Time to Go


Lovell Canyon, Nevada

We have been here for ten days in absolutely ideal weather but the road calls and we must be moving on.  Also the weekend is here and the rabble from Las Vegas will be arriving.  Tracy had asked when I planned to leave and she too was going to leave the same day for the same destination.  So we will travel together.  I warned her that I drive 55 while knowing she usually drove 65.  She said she needs to learn to slow down so this will be something new for her.  I told her to feel free to move on if she couldn't stand the slow pace.  I would catch up to her eventually. 

Goodbye Lovell Canyon.  You have been a good place.  I just wish people respected you more.


anonymous said...

How nice for you and Tracy to have each other's company as you travel. I do not know how to change setting with email address, or get why you cannot reply otherwise ,and wish you could explain. Anyway, enjoy the trip.-Mary

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I do not understand and if I did I would not know the answer most likely. Some who comment on a post their comment will show in my email. Others who comment they do not show. I dont understand why. Your comments show in my email so you have that going for you.

anonymous said...

Thanks for replying, now I understand what you mean.-Mary