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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

U.S. Border Closed


The above photo has no direct connection to todays post but I needed something to lead in with.

My new friend invited me over to her camper the next day for a visit.  She asked if I played cards and I said I never have the opportunity to do so.  “You can teach me a game.”   She offered up gin rummy.  “Yeah, I have always wanted to learn how to play that.”  Ooo boy!  What a complicated game.  Too much for me.  

In the course of our conversation when I wasn't struggling keeping track of all the cards on the table she mentioned to me how the US/Canada border was closed.  Being as I rarely follow the news I had no idea.  Seems this went into effect mid-September.  A very large percentage of the people wintering in Quartzsite are from Canada.  They come and stay all winter for the nice weather.  This happens all over Arizona, Texas and to a very large part in Florida.  I felt so bad for these poor people who cannot make their yearly pilgrimage south.  They spend a lot of money while being here and the little town of Quartzsite is going to feel it.  Even worse so are the Mexican border towns where snowbirds go to get their eyeglasses, dental work and medical prescriptions filled at substantial savings.  The town of Algadonas over the border from Yuma, Arizona is one of these towns.  No one, Americans included, will be able to walk across the border from some real Mexican food and a cervaza this year.  Every vendor, restaurant, optometrist, dental office and prescription outlet may just as well close down for the winter.  They are really going to suffer.


  1. Our Canadian border with you has actually been closed since way back in the beginning of the summer.

  2. The Mexican border is actually open for "essential" travel, which means getting medical & dental care and prescriptions filled. Returning back to the US as a citizen is also considered "essential" travel. The Border crossing at Los Algodones currently closes at 2pm sharp, not the usual 10pm: https://www.cbp.gov/contact/ports/andrade-class-california-2502


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