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Saturday, October 24, 2020

We Are Now COVID Protected in Quartzsite

Each of the four long term stay locations in Quartzsite has a check in station.  
This year they have been COVID proofed for our safety.

As you can see only two campers are allowed inside at a time.  Anyone else wanting to go in must stand outside.  There are no “Stand Here” markers in the desert dirt.  They trust us to know how far six feet is I assume.  Inside each station are two to four bookcases full of paperback books people leave and borrow during their stay.  This year the bookcases are sealed off in black plastic.  (No comment)

Out in front of each station is a picnic table.  People leave things they no longer have any use for but maybe someone else could use it.  Not anymore!!  
(I’m trying real hard to keep my sarcastic comments in check)
The only reason these hiking sticks and a very nice bicycle tire pump are on the table is because this station was closed at the time I went by on my bicycle.

I found the official notice on another table.

And then there was this, another first.  Conditions here are no different than any other year in the desert.  I don't know if I could start a wildfire here if my life depended on it.  Maybe its a COVID thing.  You know how a nice campfire can attract people to gather around and have a good time making new friends.  Also you are aware as to how the Wuhan virus can survive in a hot arid desert environment.  
(Okay, I failed in keeping my sarcasm under control.  Sorry)


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Shammickite said...

Management is covering themselves for accountability. If you got a bad case of Covid out there in the desert, where would you go for help?
The US reported more than 80,000 new coronavirus infections Friday -- the highest daily case number since the pandemic began. Stay safe, even tough it doesn't seem like there's any danger where you are. What would Beans do without you??????