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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

We Have Arrived


Quartzsite, Arizona

This is the main avenue in one of the four long term camp areas in Quartzsite.  Typically at this time there would be dozens of RVers visible in this scene.  In years past I would have already been here for a few weeks myself.  It is simply still too hot with temps still at the mid 90’s (35c).

Another factor too is those poor Canadians unable to cross the border. 
They would be here by now.

I just would like to reassure everyone that I am careful with the mask wearing situation.  When I write that I ripped off my bandana there are no other people around anywhere close.  While shopping if people are coming I slip the bandana back up.  I will be more conscientious about keeping it in place from now on especially since the “season” will soon be upon us all.  This dry desert environment is a big plus.



Shammickite said...

Glad you have arrived safely but I am surprised that it is still so hot.
The US/Canada border closure has just been extended to Nov 21. Keeping Canadian snowbirds out of their usual winter locations, but also keeping Americans out of Canada!

Toc said...

I wonder if the late-season heat further south is contributing to the crowds of people in the campgrounds up here in Nevada? We, too, have noticed the absence of Canadians. It's a year like no other.