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Monday, October 12, 2020

We Have a Visitor


A lady came by to visit us.  She said “hello” and stuck out her hand to shake.  My first thought was shes not COVID crazy and we shook hands.  I remarked to her how that was the first human physical contact I have had since back in March when my camp neighbor shook my hand.  I offered her a chair and we sat and visited for an hour or more.  She told me how she was camped where we are when she first arrived then moved over to the other side of the road for the shade.  I got to talking to her about all the trash and such I saw over there.  She said she had cleaned up our spot when she first arrived and had filled a large Hefty trash bag.  I was stunned for I had filled a small plastic grocery bag which I thought was a lot.  She was 60 and had been traveling alone now for eight months, throughly loving her new life.  She too was heading for Quartzsite which would be the first time for her and so I shared with her some useful information.  As she was getting ready to leave she said “Let me give you a hug” and we did.  I said I hadn't hugged anyone in over a year due to this damn pandemic thing.  She said likewise clutching her heart saying “I feel emotional”.  I felt it too.  We humans need physical contact to be human.  Self-isolation, hunkering down all alone for months is not healthy for mind or spirit.  That was the first real social sit and visit I had had for nearly a year, and it was nice.  Beans too was happy to have a visitor.  Its been far too long.


  1. Yes we need human contact. I'm glad you got a hug. It's important.
    I smiled at your Friendship circle chart. Mine is very similar right now, and I don't even have a cat!

  2. And then you went in and washed your hands.......

  3. Gee, I am so happy for your having a visitor! I have had quite a bit of human contact, however no hugs ...thank God you and I have our cats, touching with physical and heart felt affection makes it all easier and more comforting . -Mary

  4. You hit this one on the head. Last night we had a visitor in camp and the 3 of us sat in rockers, drinking cold beers, gazing across the sunset desert and just talked to each other without masks. The dog entertained us by trying to flush out imaginary lizards. It all seemed so normal! For awhile we could forget the unreal real world. Basic human contact that we no longer take for granted--very healing.

  5. You got a hug! You are a wealthy man.


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