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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Plumbing Problem

I left a small clue as to what is going on with me in the Waiting Room post.  
If you missed it here it is again.

I had a complete shut down of the water works while in the desert.  That is why I drove myself to the emergency room in Blythe.  I had reached critical mass.  
I will spare the blog all the details of the drama and trauma I have had to put up with ever since and yet to experience.  You will be able to read all about it in the upcoming free eBook I am currently working on and hopefully be published after this is over.
All I can say now is this looks to be a long drawn out process in getting the waters to flow freely once again and it appears I will not be returning to the desert anytime soon.



  1. I feel for ya, John. I'm glad you were able to get help in time. Hope whatever is going on is easily treated.

  2. Glad you still touch base with your readers. In no time at all you'll be able to click your heels and be back in Quartzite.

  3. Hopefully they can work their magic and get everything flowing again quickly! Thinking of you both.

  4. I wish you a successful recovery.

  5. As with previous comments, I also hope this is easily treatable for you! Best wishes...

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  7. Hadn't seen you post on RVillage lately, so I looked up your blog (not sure how to subscribe). I hope all goes well and you have an easy & speedy recovery. Quartzsite awaits your return.
    Really enjoyed your pen & ink drawings.

  8. I missed your cleverly hidden-in-clear-view clue, and even when I went back to look a second time I missed it. I'm not too bright. Anyway, my sincere wishes are for the waterworks to be running freely once more and you can return to your travels. Hugs to Beans! Is your new book going to be called Dry in the Desert?

  9. May your recovery be thorough and more swift than you expect.I hope apart from treatments Beans and you can enjoy each other and life.
    - Mary


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