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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Madness Round Two

The lunacy hoarding has officially begun here in Santa Rosa, CA.

The scene at Target.

What is it like where you live?



  1. The major news tv station here warned of a bad combo flu and covid 19 winter,then an ad said a popular store was stocking up on paper products in anticipation of those selling out, so far I have not seen stores low on those products though - Mary

  2. Haven’t had any grocery supply issues in Wisconsin. Just don’t come here if you need a hospital bed, Those have all been taken.

  3. Nothing like that here in San Francisco either. We've been gradually stocking up on TP and canned foods just in case there's another major interruption. And if there isn't one, we figure we're ready for the Big One too. The downside? Eventually we're going to have to eat all that canned food.

  4. So far Kentucky is same. We'll see how it is this week for me.

  5. No problem here in my corner of Canada..... but actually I haven't been in a grocery store since last week. This week might be different. Things change fast.

  6. no panic TP buying here in Utah yet, but I refuse to go into Walmart, the other grocery stores are stocked pretty well still.


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