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Monday, November 2, 2020

New Tail Lights

We made it back to the house in Santa Rosa, CA. Friday afternoon.  While I wait for the wheels of the medical industry grind ever so slowly onward I am doing a few projects.  You will recall Tracy and I driving together south to Quartzsite, AZ.  Following behind she noticed she couldn’t see my brake lights, especially if the sun was shining on them.  I had no idea.  “I can’t believe no one ever told you.”

These are replacement lights I installed several years ago when the original lights failed.  Some thing I picked up at Autozone or the like while on the road.  Well evidently they weren’t worth a toot. 

There are brake and turn lights lower and as you can see with Gracie back there they are partially hidden.

I had already ordered replacement lights through Amazon before the medical issue came upon me.  I waited until their Wednesday delivery before starting out on the long journey back to Northern California.
Now there are 11 LED brake light bulbs on each side and I added LED turn indicator lights which were not there before.  This took far too long to install (electrics not my strong point) but this is now much better.



  1. It's a good thing Tracy told you about the lights! Did you two exchange phone numbers or plan to stay in touch? -Mary

  2. Well done... always a good idea to have working brake lights!

  3. Thanks, Hope you work out whatever's going on health-wise..
    I've spent hours enjoying your travels..I've been to many of them myself.

    1. Thank you. That was very nice to read. Hopefully you noticed the free eBooks on the right side of the page if you want more in depth details of our travels.


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