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Friday, November 13, 2020

Stocking Up

 What you are looking at is a year’s supply of Beans food.  If I told you how much this cost you’d think I was crazy or I really love my cat.  There are also bags of kibble, it too grain free.
Nothing but the best for her.

On the medical front it is just a matter of waiting.  I go back on the 16th.  
Meanwhile I feel great and wouldn’t know anything is amiss if I didn’t know otherwise.


  1. She is looking secure with all of that food!

  2. She's ready for the Big One. I just ordered some Tiki Cat. The neighborhood cat I've been feeding can be very picky, even with the expensive stuff, so fingers crossed.

  3. Glad you're feeling well...... whatever it is, I hope it works out all good for you!

  4. My buddy (B.K.)..Barn Kat will have a full dish and when I buy a new bag of Meow Mix, he's right there sniffing all around it...
    I'll go hungry b/4 he will.....

  5. Beans knows it's all for her. What a good Dad you are!

  6. There already was no doubt in my mind about your loving your cat,the food supply just confirms that. May you stay well and feeling great,- Mary


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