A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Beans’ Christmas Present

I have been looking for some bells for a long time 
and finally found exactly want I wanted, in a fishing tackle box at a roadside yard sale.  

I put them on the end of the long cords I attach to her harness.  Now when she wants to take off after a lizard, bird or chipmunk I can let go of the cord and not worry so much about loosing track where she is if I loose sight of her.  She never goes far for her prey doesn’t either.  

The white cord is sixteen feet so long and we use that in the forests where it shows up well against the ground.  The blue cord is a fish stringer I found long ago.  It is braided nylon cord, about ten feet long and doesn’t collect stickers or thorns so is it used in the desert.  Beans pays the bell no mind as it tinkles along behind her as she hunts.  No, I wouldn’t just put a bell on her harness.  Would you want that noise around your neck so close to your supersensitive ears?


anonymous said...

Using those bells on leashes is a great idea,how considerate of Beans feelings not to put them on her collar. - Mary

Shammickite said...

Jingle Beans, Jingle Beans, Jingle all the way.....
Oh what fun it is to play
With lizards every day.....