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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Broke Down


Can you believe it?

We got a late morning start on Monday.  The winds were really howling so I waited a bit before hitting the road.  Driving along the windshield was all spotty from the poorly done job of cleaning it I did.  I’m not dealing with this anymore and I pulled off the road to clean it better.  I left the motor running.  Now with a clean windshield I got back in and put the truck into gear and no go.  Now what!!  I turned off the motor, sat there unbelievingly and started the motor.  It moved.  What to do?  I turned around, started back and then again no more moving.  I pulled off into a park and ride and there we sat for five hours waiting on the tow truck.  All of this only eighteen miles from the house and in that I can say is the lucky part of this.  Better here than hundreds of miles out in the desert.

More to come when I know more.


  1. Ugh. We have a saying--When you're eatin' it, you get a big plate. Hang in there.

  2. NOOOO! And after the Mercedes people had given it a clean bill of health. Well, look on the bright side, at least you were somewhere that help was available, could have been worse.

  3. O dear that is not good, at least you were not far from home

  4. Thank goodness for that spotty windshield,had it been clean who knows how far from home you would have been before breaking down! -Mary

  5. OMG! I hope it is a quick fix!

  6. Hey, I know of a Class B RV I can trade ya for. New engine ;)


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