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Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Cornbread

We woke to a beautiful Christmas morning with clear skies and glorious sunshine.
I went for a nice two mile stroll and since the wind was only a slight breeze I thought
ah...a good day break out the Dutch Oven.
The shiny thing is part of someone’s homemade solar oven I found in the dumpster last winter.
I use it as a wind break to keep the heat contained.


Yes, it is good.



Shammickite said...

I bet it was very tasty. Happy Boxing Day!

Barbara Rogers said...

Yum! I am thinking of making some other kinds of bread. Yesterday was a spice cake with molasses and pears in it. Your cornbread looks very good! Nice Dutch Oven baking!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Looks good, hope you enjoyed your Christmas