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Monday, December 28, 2020

COVID-19 Where We Are


Quartzsite is in La Paz county Arizona.  La Paz county has 1341 reported cases of the coronavirus with a total of 33 deaths.  This among other reasons is why I like where I am for this winter.

Here’s my story from yesterday’s shopping trip into town.  I am in Family Dollar with my bandana well in place. There is about one out of four shoppers not wearing a mask.  It made me wonder was there a sign on the door ‘Mask Required’?  I forgot to look but will next time I go.  Every place has a sign so there must be.  Family Dollar just doesn’t have the enforcers as does say a Walmart.  So one of the spreaders is this overweight white trash woman in her late 30’s or 40’s covered in tattoos all over her exposed arms and chest. She is wearing a stretched out black tank top so I see more than I ever wanted to see.  About the third encounter with her going up and down the aisles she coughs, snorts and sniffles then remarks to her friend “I think I might have the flu.”  I am more concerned about catching someone’s cold or flu bug than the coronavirus. I don’t mind wearing my bandana for that reason.  They walk among us.

Outside on the bulletin board I saw this, the second thing I wish I hadn’t seen.

I then rode over to the expired food tent and bought two cans of chili and beans for a dollar each for after all it was a chili and bean day, cold and overcast.  I saw this at the check out.  I hoped she wouldn’t offer me a bag only having spent two dollars on two cans of beans since I had just bought a bag of oranges the day before.  She asked.

I went home before I saw something else I didn’t want to see.


John W. Wall said...

Holy cow. I hope your bandana provides adequate protection from the flu-zies. Those oranges look great.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I have sewn in a layer of fine silk fabric in between the two folded over triangles of the bandana, so it is triple layer protection. The real secret is just avoiding people all together and keeping your fingers out of all your body orifices isn’t it?

Shammickite said...

Avoiding people is a great idea, especially people like that woman in the store.
I would love a free bag of oranges right now.

Toc said...

My favorite "mask" sign is ambiguous.
Most shoppers interpreted this to mean either wearing a mask while walking through the doors and then removing it or just holding the mask in hand while entering. I admire the ingenuity!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Not sure I have seen anyone in a shop here with no mask

Karen said...

It's always amazing to me which hill people choose to die on. Wearing a mask is such a simple thing for most people....a shopper has to wear it a few minutes, but the healthcare workers must wear them for hours and hours and hours. How selfish it is to fight over such a simple thing like wearing a mask while shopping. So petty and so aggravating. Keep on staying safe out there, John.