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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Face Mask Signs

I had to make a run into town on the motorbike to fill my water bottles.  I get water from these machines for my drinking water only.  The small grocery store I planned to go to with two machines out front had some people milling around and being I avoid people if at all possible I went next door to Family Dollar.

While there I remembered to check the door for a face mask sign in regards to yesterday’s post.  Yes there was one.  Like one commenter remarked in yesterday’s post, some people leave these signs to interpretation.  Mask Required to Enter.  Once they enter through the doors the requirement has been met and they remove their mask.  In regards to the Family Dollar sign “Yep, got my face covering right here in my purse” or pocket as the case may be.  



Alfonso Bedoya said...

Ah, Mask shaming...........

Barbara Rogers said...

Pretty much an attitude of privilege - believing oneself to be immune to the disease because they believed someone who said it was a hoax.