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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Making Money, or Trying To


This gentleman is like many who come to Quartzsite each year.  They rent a space and set up shop selling whatever they have to sell.  His patch of desert dirt is close to a main intersection of traffic as far as Quartzsite goes.  He paid $2000 for this spot which is good for the entire season of Sept. 15 through April 15.  If you look at it as rent, well $2000 for seven months is a good deal.  He has electrical hook-ups with that price.  He was screwing down his display cases to the table when I was there browsing through his junk merchandise.  He told me that last year someone walked off with an entire display case.  I said that I couldn’t imagine someone bold enough to do that in broad daylight but he said they came in at night.  Well I wouldn’t mess with him day or night for he was packing a gun on his hip.

 Now this woman has a great idea for making some money.  Bless her heart for I don’t even like to shop for myself.  And then to consider giving her a list of things to pick up for me at Walmart, geez I have a hard enough time deciding what to get when I am there how on earth can I tell someone else?

And then there are the RV dealers.  This is a 2007 Winnebago View.  My View is a 2006.  I bought mine used (one year old) in 2007 for the same price they were asking for this THIRTEEN YEARS LATER!!
Anyone that pays that amount today is a fool.


Shammickite said...

I wonder where the gentleman with the shop gets all his merchandise. I see Elvis up on the top shelf, and Gumby on a lower one. I suppose it's legal to carry a gun on your hip? Loaded or not? I wonder if he's ever shot anyone.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Some people do chance it asking more that something is worth makes you wonder how long they have had it