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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Poor Beans


We have not seen a single lizard since our return to the same camp that was littered with the little rascals when we left two months ago.  She is beginning to lose interest in even going outside anymore.  Maybe just a roll in the dirt, a look around, then wants back in.

Otherwise it is nice here.  I sat out in the warm sunshine soaking in the sun, got a bit sleepy, came back in and took an hour nap.  It’s a rough life.

I did see the the Jupiter/Saturn alignment.  I think the excitement of seeing that the evening before wore me out.  Did you get to see it?


  1. Saw the alignment in Prescott. No big deal.

  2. No, we had clouds. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Beans!

  3. I missed the alignment, cloudy sky. The B has gone missing.....

  4. I saw the alignment (naked eye view) and could just make out two dots of light next to each other. Have spent the last 15 minutes or so reading through all your posts I have missed. You've had quite the adventure! Wishing you happy and safe holidays, and a new year that is superior in every way to the one were are getting ready to complete.

  5. We could see it from our living room. I took a picture with a 500mm lens and cropped it way down, and you can see four of Jupiter's moons in one shot, and sorta Saturn's rings in the other shot. Felt like Galileo.

  6. Didn't get to see it....too cloudy here, too. Merry Christmas to you and your Bean-gal.


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