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Friday, December 4, 2020

Slowest Fuel Pump Ever

 It took twenty minutes for this pump to fill twenty-five gallons of fuel into the Little House on the Highway.  I think this pump is suffering from the same condition I was last month.
Then it failed to shut off and left a puddle of diesel fuel underneath.
At least I didn’t have that problem.


  1. Ok,that made me chuckle.Good to see you well enough to see the humor in life.-Mary

  2. I just worked out that would cost you the equivalent of $170 in the UK.

  3. As the same age as you, more or less, I'll pay whatever to get back on the roads, to who knows where......Am I getting cabin fever?......Ah Yup!..Of course my roomie B.K. doesn't want me to leave...(Barn Kat)...When I fire up the engine he jumps out...
    What can ya do?
    Stay safe..eh?


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