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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Tow Truck Fiasco

 I have Progressive insurance roadside service.  I have used it twice before and both times they were great.  This time not so.  The first tow truck coming from who knows where fortunately contacted me asking for a photo of what they were coming for.  Turns out they thought they were coming for a Sprinter Van, not motorhome.  He said they couldn’t do the job and would notify the company.  And so I waited.  Finally this guy showed up hours later.  He came from Galt, California - 260 miles away!!  That is in central California whereas we are in northern.  I was shocked.  So was the truck driver.  We both couldn’t understand it.  He was a nice guy and I apologized for him having to come from such a distance.  “Oh don’t worry, I’m getting paid for it.”  The guy was a real professional and we led him back to the repair shop in the dark for as he said “I have no idea where I am up here”.

I called Progressive the next day thinking someone needs to know of this mess.  Well I learned they have a list to work from of contracted tow truck companies.  It isn’t like they can just call Joe’s Towing Service around the corner.  Also the lady said “It shows here they made sixteen phone calls in trying to locate a towing company”.  Okay, sounds like they tried with what they have to work from.  She agreed that 260 miles was a bit much and would pass this on to the company.

So it was nearly six hours sitting there while I watch two equally large tow trucks drive by, probably local.
We were back at the house eight hours after I cleaned the windshield.

Just so you know, I could get AAA Roadside Service for $99 a year.  Like I mentioned, I have only had to use what I have three times now.  Why bother?


anonymous said...

That's a long time and a long way for a tow truck to come.Good that you have food in the rv,a car driver with a cat would have been in an awful situation.-Mary

Shammickite said...

That's a huge tow truck, and what an incredibly long way to come to rescue you. A lot of hidden costs involved in getting you and the Little House to the repair shop. Fingers crossed that the repair isn't going to break the bank.

Brewed Journey said...

Long wait, but glad someone showed up.

Upriverdavid said...

I had the same issue..There is a neighbor who owns a towing company, five miles from my home....The road service contacted a tow company 50 miles away..
At least I was at home...