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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

We Almost Made It

We woke up to these temperatures.  I could have died!
I wasted no time getting on the road and running the heater.

 It was a long day with a few construction delays but we finally made it out of California, across the Colorado River and into Arizona at Parker.  I ate a early dinner then did an extensive shop at Walmart.  Next was to fill the propane tank and then fill up The Little House on the Highway.  By then it was almost dark.  Quartzsite is about 25 or so miles south but I was tired (Walmart will do that to you) and going any further can wait another day.  Besides, it is a narrow two lane highway scary enough in the daylight and I don’t need that kind of excitement just now anyway.  I have had enough adventure for awhile.  When we arrive I will fill up with water, select a place to call “home” and we shall be set until next year.  
Tonight we sleep behind a Safeway store across from Walmart.

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anonymous said...

You made some good progress,yippee! Beans and you will soon be settled in and happy, I am really glad for you.- Mary