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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Well, I Didn’t Expect That!


I thought I would be all excited when we reached the outskirts of Quartzsite Thursday morning.  Instead all the terrible memories of that day and night of October 26 came rushing back.  The driving around town looking for a doctor, clinic, drug store, anything to treat the pain and agony I was in.  I sure hope every time I come here that doesn’t happen. 

By this time the RV dealers would have brought in hundreds of brand new RV’s and coaches for the big RV show in January.  The lots were empty.  Another victim of COVID-19.

Then as I drove in to the camp areas I saw little change as to the population from how it was two months ago.  There is hardly anyone here in comparison to normal years.  Talking to a guy at the water fill up station he brought up the fact about the Canadians being unable to cross the border this year.  Hard to believe them not being here would make it that noticable.  I don’t know what percentage of the winter population here is made up of Canadians.   

Finally the camp spot we vacated on that fateful day was empty and waiting for us.  I pulled in and Beans was all excited seeing her lizard tree.  That is it in front of the RV.  I wasn’t too sure about staying because of what happened while here.  I left, drove around some then came back.  
I need to overcome my nightmare thoughts.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Bad memories are not good, they disturb you too much.

anonymous said...

You went through a terrible time, yet that could have happened anywhere,I hope you stay where you and Beans will be happy again. - Mary

Alfonso Bedoya said...

Stay there, you will get over it. I have always said it is best to face your demons.