A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Found It!


It is cold.  Too much shade. 

I walked around the campground and found a better spot in full sun and moved there.

Ahh...this is nice.  Thanks Dad.

This is the panel I covered the problem window years ago.  Since I could not figure out what part of the window was leaking I covered the entire window as it wasn’t used anyway.

It wasn’t until I got up on the roof that I discovered the leak.
Gee, wonder how long that has been that way?

I peeled and scraped away the cracked silicone sealant.

Now it has a new bead of better caulking around it.
That is my step stool down there.  Yep, it is a long way down.
Fun stuff hanging over the edge upside down on a rounded roof.

25 Cent Camp


This campground was less than ten miles away from my Mexican lunch.

It is Stanton Crossing and run by Idaho’s Land something. It is free with a ten day limit. 

I found a spot off by ourselves, parked, stepped out and found a quarter on the ground.
The camp had a name now.

We moved down here but it wasn’t far enough to escape the nasty weather.
The first day it rained and was cold.  Very cold.
Back at Sun Valley was worse so we had that going for us.

I got the heater up and running.
Beans sits in front of it at times. 
 I petted her after this photo was taken and her butt was too hot to touch!
Silly cat.

Being cooped up inside all day I got to looking for something in the overhead and discovered things wet.
Water was coming in around this window...somehow.  This has been an ongoing problem and years ago I blocked off the entire window from the outside.  So I had this to deal with when it is nicer out.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Errands and Eating


We left Sun Valley in the morning and stopped at Hailey to fill the water tank.  Then on to Bellevue.

Bellevue had a pet store where I could get Beans another bag of high priced grain free gourmet kibble.
I checked out three thrift stores - no books of interest.
Next was grocery shopping but it isn’t a good idea to grocery shop when hungry so I went to the Mexican restaurant next door first.

Their special for the day, on the big screen behind the gentleman, 
was a carne asada burrito so I went with that.

The plan was to eat half and save the other half for dinner.
Well that didn’t happen; I ate it all.
Sooo good!

At the checkout in the grocery store this sign amused me.

On to our next home site.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

We Have to Evacuate


It is time we leave Sun Valley.

This is way too cold for me.  I might die.

Its okay though as there is a sixteen day limit to stay here and we will have been here thirteen days when we leave.  The forest service guy has been by twice already checking plate numbers against dates.

I just don’t want to end up like this.
Time to move on.

Soon the snows will come and the ski runs will be in full swing.
Sun Valley is quite popular among the skiers world round and has some history to it.

They can have it.  
Beans and I will be warm in the desert while they are freezing.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Corral Creek Canyon


A four mile long dirt road takes you up into the canyon.

Corral Creek itself.

At the end of the road is a parking area at a trailhead.

Gee, I have some socks that must be close to 10-15 years old.

A small dam built by beavers.
These amaze me.  How do they know where to build and where not to build?

This is an old sheep corral, probably where the creek and canyon got its name.
It is no longer in use.

Nowadays the sheep are herded on down the streets of Ketchum from their summer grazing lands high in the mountains.  It is an annual weeklong festival taking place in the first week of October.  From there the sheep will be loaded up and trucked to their winter grazing areas in Utah and California. 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

This I Wished I Would Have Seen


I was on the motorbike on my way back home to have some lunch when this huge moving truck came along heading for the summit.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  He cannot possibly go over the pass on that narrow dirt road! I continued on home hungry and then stopped, turned around and went back. Lunch could wait.  I just had to see if he was going up the steep road. I got part ways and here he comes back. 

He must have seen the signs and realized his mistake.
Maybe his GPS directed him this way.

I’m sure this sign made an impression on him.
I was now disappointed that I hadn’t followed him right away.
I would have liked to seen how he got that truck turned around 
for the road is never any wider than the top photo.

Then after lunch I saw this down the road from our camp.
That’s us down there.

That short violent wind storm knocked down this tree.

It snapped off the top of its neighbor.

The root base looks pretty shallow, not much was holding it up.

There is someone in a tent on the other side of the road.
Good it fell the way it did.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Trail Creek Summit


We’ve been at Sun Valley three times now and each visit I rode up to the top of Trail Creek Summit.  It is about a six and a half mile long road (from camp), half paved and half rocky dirt.

The first time was back in 2017 when I had the little 50cc Motoped bike.  It made it but I had to help it along by peddling.  But boy was it ever fun coming back down real fast.

In 2019 I now had the Honda 90cc motorcycle and it made the ascent without any assistance.
Slow but surely we made it.  This time I coasted back down slowly riding along the edge stopping here and there to look down into the canyon all along the way.

This year I rode up again, just because.  They have since installed new gates with signs at the point where the asphalt meets the dirt.  The road is blocked by snow and there is no going over the pass and down the other side until the end of the month of May.

Like the sign states, it is a steep and narrow road and some parts are only a single lane wide with a sheer rock face wall on one side and a steep drop off on the other with no guard rail.

At the summit the road goes down the other side and as I understand it is a wider road with a gentle descent.  It connects with Highway 93 only about thirty-five miles south from Challis where we were camped at Bayhorse before coming here.  This route would have been only half as far as we had to drive to Sun Valley when we came.  That’s if I dared to bring a small house on wheels down that narrow single lane rocky road.  Nope.

From camp it is around a 1546 foot climb to the summit.  From town it is 2000 feet.  There are quite a few people going by on bicycles everyday, locals for the most part.  The majority most likely turn around when it starts getting real steep but others I’m sure push on till the road changes to dirt.  Then there are the hardcore few with mountain bikes that press on to the top.  Boy, if I lived here and was used to the altitude, had my nice mountain bike still and was maybe a few years younger...

As before, this time I coasted down real slow taking in the beauty all along the way.
Here you can see the road on the left as it starts the serious part of the climb.

We are camped at the far end of the valley.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Five Second Warning


I was just preparing to make a cup of tea when the phone blared at me.  A weather warning.  I opened up the page and hadn’t even read the first paragraph when all hell broke loose.

The wind picked up immediately.  The RV was rocking side to side.  All sorts of things were blowing by - dirt, grass, sticks, chipmunks, flying squirrels...  The tall ponderosa pines bent over and stayed that way.  Dirt swirled around the RV and I couldn’t see ten yards.  I reached out to shut the door but I was too late.  And then it was over just as quick as it had begun.  Everything inside was coated with dirt. 
 Here you can see with the rug pulled back.

I wiped off the counter and table and deal with the rest in the morning.  My cup of tea had a layer of dirt floating on top.  I tossed it and made another cup.  I found Beans up top in the overhead.  
What the heck Dad?!

In the morning I spent over two hours cleaning up inside.  Beans was chomping to go outside.  Finally I was done and we went out.  She immediately rolled in the dirt.  “No way!  You’re not going back inside like that and bring in a cat full of dirt!”  I brushed her off at the end of our walk before I let her back in.

The weather app could give me more than a five second warning next time, please.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Beans on the Job


During our second night in Sun Valley there was a lot of commotion going on at 2 a.m.  I turned on the light.  Beans was after a mouse.  “Get it Beans!  Get the mouse!”  She chased it about until the mouse got somewhere she couldn’t get to.  Usual procedure.  I went back the bed.  An hour later the game was on again.  This time I was able to whack it with my hiking stick.  She never intentionally kills anything.  She just wants to play with and torment whatever she catches.  I tossed it outside and went back to bed.

Geez Dad, why’d you do that?  Now it won’t play with me.

The next morning I gave her a new fresh catnip banana as a reward.

Afterwards she fell asleep.  A busy night.

How can she sleep with her face buried in like that?

Update:  Picked up the battery for the Honda 90 yesterday.  Nice to have it back running again.