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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Beans Here

The days are beginning to warm up some.  I heard lizards today in the brush for the first time since we returned.  Yippee!  It will be in the 70’s (21.1 C) everyday in a week or so.  I am so excited.  After today’s hunt I had to get up in my loft and relax some.  I think I might be out of shape.
Another plus with the warm weather is that Dad doesn’t whine as much.
Really, he needs to get a grip when it gets a little bit cold.





Shammickite said...

Dad's whining can be very annoying. Better snuggle with him on those cold nights. Good luck with the lizard hunt.

Barbara Rogers said...

Many a torti has lived with me...before I went cat-less about 2 years ago. Beans, you are a true doll-baby...and I'm happy to hear from you!

anonymous said...

Lizards and a comfy loft,how nice for you, Beans.(John,can Beans get up into the loft by herself or do you need to lift her up there?) -Mary

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

Oh Beans can get anywhere she wants, even places I don’t really want her to get into. The “loft” is the top of the slide-out which I do not slide out all the way.

Polly said...

The thing is Beans, we humans feel the cold more than you felines, we don't have lovely warm built in coats like you :-) I like your loft, you look very cosy up there. Happy New Year to you and John.