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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Beans Here

The days are beginning to warm up some.  I heard lizards today in the brush for the first time since we returned.  Yippee!  It will be in the 70’s (21.1 C) everyday in a week or so.  I am so excited.  After today’s hunt I had to get up in my loft and relax some.  I think I might be out of shape.
Another plus with the warm weather is that Dad doesn’t whine as much.
Really, he needs to get a grip when it gets a little bit cold.





  1. Dad's whining can be very annoying. Better snuggle with him on those cold nights. Good luck with the lizard hunt.

  2. Many a torti has lived with me...before I went cat-less about 2 years ago. Beans, you are a true doll-baby...and I'm happy to hear from you!

  3. Lizards and a comfy loft,how nice for you, Beans.(John,can Beans get up into the loft by herself or do you need to lift her up there?) -Mary

    1. Oh Beans can get anywhere she wants, even places I don’t really want her to get into. The “loft” is the top of the slide-out which I do not slide out all the way.

  4. The thing is Beans, we humans feel the cold more than you felines, we don't have lovely warm built in coats like you :-) I like your loft, you look very cosy up there. Happy New Year to you and John.


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