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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Propane For the Heater

There are several places in town to buy propane.  I like to go to Patties RV Park for it has easy access and I can pay right there at the fill station.  At the Union service station I have to go inside and stand in line waiting on people buying gas, snacks, beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets.
Prices are about the same at all locations, $2.30 a gallon.

 This little one gallon tank I bought last year replacing the standard large five gallon tanks typically you have with your bar-b-que.  This I can carry on the bike.  The large one I could not.

The tank goes in the back hanging off the ladder.
The line goes inside through a hole I cut in the back.

It then comes out from under the bed and hooks up to the Mr. Heater.  That is all the tank is used for.  Now you are probably wondering “Doesn’t the RV have a heater?”  Yes it does but it is very inefficient.  Mainly it is the fan that blows the air in through all the ducts.  It uses a lot of energy and runs down the battery.  I suspect the heater part uses more propane also.  This little heater warms things up fast and that is just using the low setting.

The little green propane bottles will connect to this heater also and if I run out from the one gallon tank I can screw one of them on.  The one gallon tank lasts about two weeks and that was using the heater a lot when we first returned since it was cold.  


John W. Wall said...

Great tip on that heater. I could see using it for winter tent camping. Do you ever worry about carbon monoxide building up with it?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I have never had the detector go off so all must be okay. I only run it in the mornings and never while in bed where I might doze off.