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Friday, January 8, 2021

The Big Tent is Up

In spite of the pandemic and Arizona competing for the most new COVID-19 cases per day,
 the show must go on.  As I had read somewhere awhile back they have decided to widen the aisles and have one-way traffic flow.  That should make everyone safe.  

The one and only time I went in the tent was back in 2019.  Well make that two times I went in.  The first time it was so packed we were shuffling along at cat speed and I just wanted to get of there, and in doing so I forgot to take any pictures.  So I went back a couple days later for you folks and the blog photo.  Fortunately that day wasn’t like being in a cattle chute at the Chicago stockyards.

In this photo from 2019 you can clearly see how widening the aisle and having everyone walk the same direction will solve any problem of an infected one spewing COVID cooties on others.
Trust me, my first visit was so packed I couldn’t see any vendor on either side.  I was hemmed in tightly stuck behind an old lady with a walker.  I was pushed along for a quarter of the way through before a hole opened up and I made a dash for a side exit.

Never again.


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  1. La Mesa Is where my swell Winnebago came from.....The couple I got it from after sitting in their front yard for 7 years...
    The sales folks didn't do anything wrong from all the paperwork I've found..They were going to fix any issues, but the PO had to get back to Wa. I guess..
    Much more to the story, but it's your blog...
    It was just dropping in value every day sitting in their yard..I saved them from losing everything in it's value..
    I don't think they had ever had an R.V. or had camped, just a fantasy or dream...
    I got it with 60K it now has 130K..50# oil pressure, all the service papers from the previous (b/4 them) owners...
    "Lucy" is running swell and she can't wait til we can explore the back-roads again...
    "F" the "F'n" plague....
    You & Beans keep having fun!..eh?


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