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Friday, January 22, 2021

The Joys of RVing

My camp neighbor and I were out for a walk along the main dirt road in front of where we are camped. This large motorhome passed by us as we were walking.  They had just arrived, had purchased their two week permit (that is an option here versus the season long seven month permit) and were cruising by us looking for a spot.  When we got back to our place my friend pointed out in the distance “Looks like they found spot”.  A couple hours later a tow truck came by and turned in onto the road across from us.  Turns out they found a spot alright, a spot to get stuck.  So imagine you just arrive at Quartzsite, purchase your permit, drive off down the road, turn in to go across the desert and promptly get stuck because of, well lets just say inexperience.  Everything they had looked new including the ATV they unloaded from the trailer to go get assistance in town with.  Really they looked like RV park people rather than out in the middle of the desert with no hookups people.  So the above photo is after they were pulled free and had driven back out on the main dirt road once again where he immediately parked it and he left on the ATV. My friend joked about him deciding to camp there.  “Where did he go? In town to get some alcohol?” she asked.  I said “Back to the check-in station to get a refund. They’re going back home.”  Well he actually went looking for another spot to camp.  They found one, very close to the main road.  No off-roading required.
“See honey, I told you RVing would be fun and adventurous.”

Most definitely should never have driven off the well traveled track.


Barbara R. said...

Sand is lots of fun to drive in, but they must have definitely (you guessed it) not had much experience with that load!

John W. Wall said...

I've never seen such a beautiful picture of ruts!