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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

We Are in First Place!

I picked up this paper while in town yesterday.  The Coronavirus article reported that on Monday, Jan. 4, Arizona jumped to the worst in the world in 7-day average for new virus cases, normalized by population. It was around a year ago I posted on the blog how where we were in La Paz county had the fewest reported cases and deaths of anywhere.  “It is all desert.  No one is here.  Safest place to be.”  Hmm...  
The town of Quartzsite has no mandated mask wearing policy except on town properties such as the library and community center which are both closed.  Otherwise business is as usual.  Seems the Senior Center hosted a Christmas Day Dinner followed by a Saturday night Bingo and multiple positive cases resulted from this little soiree.  Those old people!  What can we do with them?

 I made my way down to Family Dollar for a few items.  Always an adventure.  See the dark haired lady at the far end of the checkout?  She was coughing and hacking the entire time there.  She probably had a cold or maybe the flu (what I fear more contracting than the coronavirus).  Maybe she was just a smoker.  Let’s hope.  At least she had a mask on.  At least I was twenty feet away from her.  I saw a sweet looking old couple in there shopping with me.  They were hi risk and not wearing masks.  To wear or not to wear, that is your choice here in Quartzsite.  But you really need to exercise caution and be careful in places like Family Dollar with all the coughers and hackers and Bingo night at the Senior Center and those irresponsible gambling old farts. 

Oh yeah, another article in the paper reported that La Paz County Health Services had on hand 400 vaccines.  Remember now, we’re in first place in the world.    


John W. Wall said...

And then there's the upcoming RV show, another good opportunity to contract the virus for those apparently so inclined.

Shammickite said...

All I can say is keep wearing your mask, keep well away from hackers and coughers, and if you get the chance, get the jab. Almost 9,500 dead in Arizona so far.