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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Down the Rabbit Hole

There are hundreds of abandoned burrows all around our home.  
On a walk one day Beans stopped here to lie in the shade of this bush leaving me to stand in the sun waiting.  After a bit I moved past her and the ground gave way me sinking halfway to my knees.  This scared the feathers out of Beans and she bolted while I tried to regain my footing.
We went back home. I let her inside then went about cleaning my dirty feet from the cave in.

Now clean I went back to investigate the scene.  I broke through some five feet away from the nearest hole.  I thought about getting a shovel and unearthing all the cover just to see how far this underground tunnel went, but that sounded like a bunch of work which I wasn’t really up to.  What really baffles me is considering the amount of material being excavated to create these burrows very little of this dirt is piled up outside the entrances.  Where is all of that dirt?

This is Louie in his home watching me out there trying to figure this all out.

 That evening we were treated to a glorious moon rise.
Do you ever see the rabbit in the moon?
He is much more apparent to me than the man in the moon.

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