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Friday, February 26, 2021

In Lockdown

Hey Dad!  Why isn’t this thing on? 
Well Beans, because it isn’t cold in here.  Just outside it is.

 A few days ago the wind was really whipping.  Although it was sunny the wind was a cold one and we were pretty much confined indoors all day.  Now tomorrow Sunday we are scheduled for another high wind day.  Being stuck inside all day is a real test of my patience.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.  Well okay, maybe I am a little bit.  Let’s just say I am whining a lot.  I know many people have it much worse everywhere else right now.

On a somewhat related note, I had an experience much like winning the lottery.  I never have wifi and use my cell phone data for most everything I do online.  All these years I had a plan with AT&T that gave me 20GB of data each month.  Usually that was sufficient.  Being stationary for as long as we are in the winter there is a tendency to go over budget and then things move along at dial-up speed if you remember those days.  Getting an unlimited data plan would be at an astronomical price and so I never did.  The other day I got frustrated for as much as I tried I was still projected to run out a few days early.  I got on the AT&T site and checked the “change plan” option and for the first time ever there stood staring me in the face two unlimited data plan options at HALF the price I was currently paying for 20GB!  Unbelievable!  There must be some mistake.  I’m reading this right?  I got on a chat with an agent and it was as I saw.  I switched over as fast as I could.  So this has been a wonderful new aspect of my nomad life on days like these when I am in a weather induced lockdown. 
Oh happy days, even though I’d much rather be outside right now.


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Toc said...

Verizon ran a similar special we found when we were in Elko. Our phone bill dropped quite a bit lower than what we'd been paying for very limited data. When I had to switch out a phone, the guy back in California was shocked at the deal we'd gotten and told us never to be talked out of giving it up! I love these little feel good stories!