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Thursday, February 18, 2021

La Paz Pet Cemetary

A few miles south of where we are out in the middle of the desert is the little “community” of La Paz which consists of two RV/mobile home parks and a few scattered houses.  
A half a mile away is the resident’s pet cemetery.


I hadn’t been out there in a couple of years and I noticed two new markers that stood out from the rest. 
This is a solid block of pink quartz which must be a bit pricey.

This one I thought quite clever and well done.


Barbara R. said...

A nicely done grouping of pets graves, all of which seem to have stones to keep varmints out of them. No mowing needed for upkeep

Toc said...

RV park in Beatty has a memorial rock garden where nomads can leave a decorated rock in memory of their pets. It's a hard thing to lose a pet when you're on the road.